The Principal's Speech


Greetings Parents and Students,


As the Principal of i-Inter Kidz Advanced Education Group, I would like to write a few words to express my gratitude and expectations here. i-Inter Kidz Advanced Education Group was established for more than 25 years in the education industry and is still improving and striving to provide the best advanced education to its students in Malaysia. Currently we have 4 branches and is now expanding.

Apart from striking for advancement in academic achievement, all of the i-Inter Kidz Educators will also focus more in building and developing the characters of our students to a better and proper learning attitudes.

At i-Inter Kidz Advanced Education Group, we are using the latest advanced education technologies integrated with the syllabus of MOE in teaching our students the most effective e-learning methods to upgrade the level of our students' absorption on education. 

I wish the future classroom of our i-Inter Kidz Advanced Education Group is to challege our students and watch them grow to their full potential with our advanced education system. Our vision is "No child left behind advanced education".

Advanced education is a lifelong learning process of teaching and learning about new philosophies and new advanced strategies, learning from the parents and community, learning from other educators, and especially learning from our children. Children inspire us to continue our passion and dedication.


Last but not least, I would like to thank the staff who administer our e-learning centres and preschools well, the diligent and dedicated teachers who educate the students well and lastly the parents who gave us their continuous support for making i-Inter Kidz Advanced Education Group a success e-learning environment with the best programme we could offered.


Cheang C.M.

The Principal