i-Inter Kidz Advanced Education Group

One Stop E-Learning Education Group For All 


i-Inter Kidz Advanced Education Group was founded in 1994 by Stefanie Mar, who has been in the education line for the past 25 years. We believe that a child needs a lot of patience and care in order to grow into a healthy and educated person in the future. In i-Inter Kidz Advanced Education Group, children feel more comfortable and experience success through today’s advanced education system which integrated with our signature "QB Brain Development Program", a brain-based education that is suitable for our new generation to strenghten their memory and learning skills.


We are not only providing a safe, conducive and stimulating e-learning environment for your child, but the most important is we have fully equipped educational technology labs that are engaging technology-supported e-learning opportunities for your child at all times.


Studies show that student who regularly use technology devices score higher in essay writing, demonstrate better analytical skills, engage in more problem solving and have lower absenteeism and dropout rates. Therefore, we provide the opportunities for your child in our centres to apply leading-edge technology to academically-focused and up to standard brain-based syllabus. A student-centered curriculum like ours is to adapt to children of different abilities and learning styles.


Last but not least, we are highly passionate about advanced education and constantly develop new ways of advanced teaching in order to integrate a more comprehensive advanced education through our ultimate one stop e-learning environment for your child.



“Our mission is to educate, to inspire, to explore, and to excel in advanced  education.”


“No child left behind advanced education.”


Director of i-Inter Kidz Advanced Education Group

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that good quality is the results of advanced education, the passion and determination of each educator in educationg our next generation.

Our History

i-Inter Kidz Advanced Education Grp began its first preschool in 1994 at Kajang and went on to establish more E-learning centres throughout the years. It was initially named "Sri Angkasa" Kindergarten back then, as we hope to enrich children beyond their regular preschool programs which emphasizes on learning through play and advanced nursery activities. We changed our name to i-Inter Kidz in 2010 as we started our advanced education system and this indicated a resulf of our efforts in expanding our advanced education grp from preschools to advanced education grp today.